Sondra (greengalnblack) wrote in curious_tourist,

Hotel to avoid: Sleep Inn Boise Airport

I don't know if this is information any of you will ever use, but I felt the need to pass it along so that everyone else can avoid our experience.

Last month, my boyfriend and I were passing through Boise, Idaho, and stopped at the Sleep Inn near the airport for the night. The first room we were assigned had wet carpet and a wet vac in the floor, so we didn't get beyond the door of that room before we changed rooms. The next room seemed ok and we settled in for the night. I turned off the light and got into bed, just to feel something on the sheet. I turned on the light and pulled the sheet back to find a fingernail clipping, a pubic hair, and a stain on the sheet. I was very upset but also very tired, so I told the desk clerk about what we had found and asked for new sheets to put on ourselves rather than change rooms again. We changed the sheets and got into bed, just to have the a/c start making noise and emit a burning smell. We spoke to the front desk and after redressing and repacking, we moved to yet another room. Finally, 90 minutes after our initial check in, we were able to settle in to bed and try to sleep.

The next morning, my boyfriend went down to the desk, spoke to the manager, and requested a refund of our room charges. Her response was, "how do I know that the stain wasn't from you and your girlfriend?" He was aghast; not that it should matter, but we are both mature professional adults, and to be accused of that kind of dishonesty was appalling. He got the refund, but given the manager's apathy and insulting demeanor, it didn't make us feel much better.

I wrote a letter to Choice International, the parent company detailing our experiences and mailed it 7-10 days ago. Yesterday morning, my boyfriend's credit card company called him asking if a $5000 charge recently applied to his card (like within the last 24 hours) by Sleep Inn Boise was valid?!!?? Of course it wasn't. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but I sent the letter and 10 days later, my boyfriend's credit line is tied up with a large fraud charge initiated by that hotel. Choice's customer service people says they can't do anything about ANY of this, since all Sleep Inns are independently owned and operated, so we get to get satisfaction through that specific hotel or not at all.

I will definitely give a vote of no-confidence with my hotel dollars in the future, and I won't be staying at any Choice International hotels ever agin, since there doesn't seem to be any accountability if a property mistreats a customer. FYI: Choice Int'l's hotels include: Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality Inn, Clarion, Cambria Suites, MainStay Suites, Suburban , Econo Lodge, and Rodeway Inn.
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