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Hello, all. Apologies in advance as this is x-posted to several communities. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Tokyo, Japan. Flight and hotel are done. We've never been and really know nothing about the area. We're going to get a guidebook and do some web research, but if anyone has any suggestions, tips or places to check out in or near Tokyo I would greatly appreciate it!!
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Welcome to the group. Personally I haven't been to Japan, but I find the website for the Virtual Tourist very good for planning trips. They have people that have been there done that for almost anywhere in the world. I always find first hand experience the best for getting a feel for a place.

Try this page here...

They have such links as

Local Customs in Tokyo
Nightlife in Tokyo
Off the Beaten Path in Tokyo
Tourist Traps in Tokyo
Warnings or Dangers in Tokyo
General Tips in Tokyo

Hope you find it useful. Please come back here and tell us how your trip was. I know for one, I'd love to hear about it.