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I am planning this grand road trip for sometime within the next year or two. It's not across the country Westward like many, or around the country completely, but rather down the Eastern seaboard to Jacksonville, slightly west, north on the eastern side of the Mississippi river, start heading back east from Chicago (I believe I circle the Appalachian mountains, not because I don't like them, but because I'll hike them some other day), then take a northern detour into Canada, and finally trickle back down to good old Boston, Massachusetts.

I would like to, in theory, do this entire thing by car, and with at least one friend.

These are not all of the destinations, or neccesarily destinations at all, but simply a way of sketching out the basic route:

1.) Boston, Mass.

2.) Providence, RI

3.) New York City, NY

4.) Philadelphia, Pen.

5.) Baltimore, Maryland

6.) Washington, DC

7.) Fredericksburg, Virg.

8.) Richmond, Virg.

9.) Newport News/Norfolk, Virg.

10.) Elizabeth City, N. Carolina

11.) Wilmington, N. Carolina

12.) Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina

13.) Charleston, S. Carolina

14.) Savannah, Georgia

15.) Brunswick, Georgia

16.) Jacksonville, Florida

17.) Tallahasse, Florida

18.) Montgomery, Alabama

19.) Birmingham, Alabama

20.) Memphis, Tenn.

21.) Saint Louis, Missouri

22.) Springfield, Illinois

23.) Chicago, Illinois

24.) Fort Wayne, Indiana

25.) Toledo, Ohio

26.) Detroit, Mich.

27.) London, Ontario

28.) Toronto, Ontario

29.) Montreal, Quebec

30.) Vermont

31.) New Hampshire

33.) Boston, Mass.

With the exception of Boston, any suggestions about culture, lodging, what to see and do, or what to avoid about any of these places is useful.

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