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Eastside Cafe Austin, TX

Eastside Cafe

My history with this place: The first time I ate here was in July 1995. It was my first extended trip to Austin - which was quite magical. I came with a friend I made while getting my teacher certification, and we stayed at a friend she had made while in the Peace Corps in Kenya. In other words, I was staying at some guy's apartment that I did not know whatsoever, but it wasn't creepy because Jen was there, too. I trusted her completely, so therefore I trusted him. This guy was a character for sure, but the most striking thing about the trip was that he really took his hosting seriously. He was the BEST HOST EVER. He also knew all the good places in Austin. He showed us a brochure that he used called "100 Things to Do in Austin." During my first day in Austin, I bought a black spiral at an Eckerd's on the Drag to keep a travel journal. I named it after the brochure, and I took about 30 minutes each night before I fell asleep to jot our happenings down. I hope that it is still around somewhere, because it would be fun to read what I wrote about all these places that I take for granted now. When I find it I will be sure to post some of my entries, but I'm sure that in my Eastside Cafe entry I made comment about the waiter being attractive. Many of my waiters that trip were attractive, and I noted each one in "100 Things to Do in Austin."

The special thing about Eastside Cafe is that they grow all their vegetables and herbs in a garden behind the restaurant. Just this thought alone makes the food taste better.

Randy and I are aware that we need to start eating healthier food. All I could think of was sushi or vegetarian friendly places, which for some reason always seem to be more health conscious. Eastside Cafe isn't vegetarian, but they are vegetarian friendly.

Going to Eastside tonight was such a good idea. I have always stayed away because I remember the restaurant as expensive, but tonight the prices didn't seem so very bad to me.

What we ordered:
I had half an order of artichoke manicotti - I will never make manicotti sans pistachios again
It came with soup. I had the mixed berry mint solely out of curiousity.
It came with one vegetable. I had the broccoli. I just love well prepared broccoli.
Randy had the sesame catfish.
It came with soup. He had the artichoke mushroom which was so very delcious. I am certain we will be buying the cookbook shortly.
It came with a side. Randy had the pecan stuffing, which I think was veggie and was very very good.

We shared the pumpkin gingerbread cake, and I think it may have given me a stomach ache. Well it wasn't the cake exactly. It was that I had eaten a bunch of junk during that period before dinner where I was super hungry. The gingerbread just didn't mingle well with the junk. I think the junk didn't appreciate the wholesomeness of the Eastside Cafe food.

Overall nice time. If I do get the cookbook, I will share any recipes we make.
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